Tickets shows * instead of username

I’m just see this complaint for the first time from my customer where a ticket shows * instead of waiters name or username.

The waiter on morning shift has to pay for the item.

How do I fix this please.

You have issue in automation somewhere.
Do you have auto logout enabled?
Have seen this several times where auto logout is enabled and automation causes pos to be open after logout.

Yes I have auto logout enable on some terminals
Yes customer said they have seen it multiple times.

How can I trace and solve this?

I cant remember the exact automation that gave me this issue.
Check any rules with close ticket, maybe save ticket too.
Look for something that will trigger auto logout but has other automation after it.
My solution was not to use autologout, instead creating my own automation to close ticket and logout user as an when I automated rather than relying on autologout.

when do you have the waiter name assigned to the ticket? if it is on ticket close the auto log out will be happening before being able to add the waiter name

if so try adding waiter name on ticket created event