Till drawer open on settle button

When I press the settle or close buttons the software seems to print a blank (0 line) page on the ticket printer. This causes the till drawer to open. I can accept the drawer opening on printing the bill but every time I enter or check an order or go to the payment screen it opens the drawer. Can you explain this behaviour and maybe give me a way to stop it?

Thanks, Mark

Printer Templates control what is printed, and can include Drawer-Kick Codes, such as:


Settings in the Printer Driver (in Windows) can also be responsible for how prints are produced, including headers, footers, and Drawer-kick.

Look at the following areas in SambaPOS to determine your printer setup: Manage > Settings

  • Printers
  • Print Jobs
  • Printer Templates

Rules control when prints are produced. Rules handle Events such as the click of a button (Settle, Close, etc), or when the screen changes (Payment Screen), among many other things. Look in this area to determine when Print Jobs are executed:

Manage > Automation > Rules

This tutorial may also help