Till keeps changing department by itself?

I have a multi terminal setup thats not live yet. Its due to be installed next thursday! But progress is good so I’m quite hopeful!

Anyway as it stands I have 3 POS and 1 back office PC/server for a new soft play centre that is being built.

Till 1 and 2 are the main cafe tills, till 3 is the entrance till. I Have 2 different Menu’s, one is for the cafe and one is just the entrance.

I want the cafe tills to be Select Ticket, and the entrance to be Create Ticket So I have created a new department and set the relevant menus in each one with the relevant till mappings for each ticket type (Entrance and Soft Play)

Now, I can get everything working, the menu mapping is fine and works exactly as it should, but the entrance till is showing the ticket type Soft Play and the wrong sort of ticket.

The mappings I have set in the ticket types are as follows:

POS1-Soft Play
POS2-Soft Play

Soft Play
POS1-Soft Play
POS2-Soft Play

To me this doesn’t seem right, but when I try it any other way, when I try and create a ticket for Soft Play ill get the Entrance menu show… and it’ll mix the menu - or vice versa.

I could use 1 department and map the menus to the correct tills but I really don’t want select ticket on the entrance till. Im pretty sure theres a department setting or menu mapping I’m getting wrong but I just cant work it out?



Ive changed the mappings to show only the relevant menus for each ticket type but now on POS3 It now says at the top the ticket type “Soft Play” still and not Entrance as it should but with NO menu assigned? Just a blank screen…

Can anyone suggest a step by step check on things that I may or may not have missed? If all fails Ill just have to do them all as create ticket… I’m not particularly fussed to be fair I just think aesthetically it’ll make the layout run smoother.

It is really hard to understand why it is not working as expected but from whatever I could capture it sounds like you should use “Change Screen Menu” action to switch menus instead of using separate ticket types. Ticket type assigned once you create the ticket and it won’t change depending on department you display it from.

is that even though I only ever want the entrance till to show only the entrance menu?

Ill have a look, I’ve tried everything else. Its sort of frustrating, but not something i won’t be beaten on.

Thanks for the quick reply


Menus you assign to departments (it is called default menu) used if there is no menu assigned to ticket type or ticket type is not determined yet. (eg. there is no active ticket)

For example on “Create Ticket” mode: if you assigned Menu A to Department A; Menu A will appear by default (when there is no active ticket). When you display a ticket that assigned to Ticket Type B, menu will change to the menu assigned to that ticket type.

You can try removing menu assignments to ticket types (both menu mappings and POS Menu setting) to force it to use menus assigned to departments… but honestly I didn’t tested this case before.


I’ve worked it out that its a department setting not making it work as it should, so instead of trying to do it tired I’ve decided to go to bed and have another go at it tomorrow all fresh faced.

Thanks for your help, ill update tomorrow when I work it out and post my findings.