Time Clock - Basic Time Tracking

=> Screen capture says Matches All while description says Matches

=> Description is not correct.

I haven’t setup the Automation Command TC_LoadEntity because it is not defined in this tutorial. Could that be the reason why the reports don’t show up in my Time Clock Screen?

@devloic, thanks for catching the errors… corrections have been made.

It is not required.

It should have no effect on reporting.

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If I want User List to employee entity

Then Is there any way to link both thing

Yes, you can link Users to Entities, but that is not what this Tutorial is about. The method you are looking for is in another V4 Topic.

Sorry but I think I am having trouble with setting up the Time Clock.

I go to the Navigation screen, I press Time Clock,

and I am immediately led to this screen:

The report does NOT display and when I click on the name, I get sent directly to the Order screen.

I do NOT see this message:

I will show screenshots of my progress (rules, actions, etc.) if you’d like me to.
Thank you.

Show your Rules (with all Actions fully expanded) for:

TC_Load Employee Entity
TC_Punch (ask)

They look good. Show Widget Settings for the Entity Grid (the button containing “Daniel B.” on the Timeclock Screen) .

I was 100% sure I defined settings. I’ll edit it and report back.

My changes didn’t save because I don’t have the “TC_LoadEntity” Automation Command.

You don’t need to have the command defined. Just type it in the box.

The setup only requires 1 defined command, for TC_Show Timeclock. No other command definitions are required.

So when I’m entering these values:

then I press OK, go back to the Main Menu, I right-click to deselect Design mode, I press “Daniel B.”, and it does the SAME THING. I don’t see the “Select Time Clock Action for” message. When I check back for the settings, the settings revert back to normal.

Very odd. Try deleting the Entity Grid and re-create it.

What version are you running? What type of DB? Double-click on SambaPOS next to the Apple Icon in the upper-left to go into Windowed mode so we can see version and DB info in the Title Bar.

I recreated the Entity Grid, only to get the same results.

I also get this error message for the custom report:

What error? That report has nothing to do with Timeclock.

Sorry I took the wrong screen shot. I edited it.

Need to see the Report Template and the SQL code.