Time Clock - Basic Time Tracking

##Time Clock Entity Screen

:exclamation: Important Settings

  • Entity Screen Name: Time Clock
  • Display State: TCStatus
  • State Filter: blank
  • Select the Employee Entities you want to appear on the screen

##Design Mode Elements

We have a single Entity Grid and several Report Viewers (one Report per Employee) on the Time Clock Entity Screen.

Entity Grid Widget

Entity Grid Properties

Name: EmployeeStatus (arbitrary)

Entity Grid Settings

Entity Type: Employees
Display State: TCStatus
Automation Command: TC_LoadEntity
Command Value: {ENTITY NAME}

Report Viewer Widgets

Report Viewer Properties

Name: Hours Ovania

Report Viewer Settings

Report Name: Employee Hours
Parameters: Employee,Ovania

:bulb: The employee name ‘Ovania’ in the Parameters list needs to be set to the proper Entity in each of the Report Viewer Widgets