Time Clock - Basic Time Tracking


Show Time Clock Screen

We use this Action to refresh the Time Clock Screen.

Name: TC_Show Timeclock Screen
Action Type: Navigation Module
Module Name: Entity
Parameter: Time Clock
Hide Header: True

###Execute Automation Command

We use this Action to execute other Actions.

Name: TC_ExecAMC
Action Type: Execute Automation Command
Command Value: (blank)
Automation Command Name: [:AMCname]
Background: False
Delay: 0

###Show Message

We use this Action to show Messages.

Name: TC_ShowMessage
Action Type: Show Message
Message: [:message]

###Ask Question

We use this Action to ask the user to Clock In or Clock Out.

Name: TC_Punch (ask)
Action Type: Ask Question
Question: [:Question]
Buttons: [:Buttons]
Automation Command Name: [:AMCname]
Background Color: [:BGcolor]
Transparent Color: (blank)

###Load Entity

We use this Action to load an Employee Entity so we can read and set the Entity Data and State.

Name: TC_LoadEntityBySearch
Action Type: Load Entity
Entity Type Name: [:entityTypeName]
Entity Name: (blank)
Entity Search Value: [:searchValue]

###Log Entity State

We use this Action to log the Employee Entity State as PunchIn (Clocked In) or PunchOut (Clocked Out).

Name: TC_LogEntityState
Action Type: Log Entity State
Name: [:logName]
Entity Id: [:entityId]
State Name: [:SGroupName]
Start State: [:StateBeg]
Start State Date: [:SDateBeg]
End State: [:StateEnd]
End State Date: [:SDateEnd]
Custom Data: [:SCustomData]
Async: [:Async]

###Update Entity State

We use this Action to set the Employee Entity State to PunchIn or PunchOut.

Name: TC_UpdateEntityState
Action Type: Update Entity State
Entity Type Name: Employees
Entity State Name: TCStatus
Entity State: [:newState]

###Update Program Setting

We use this Action to update various Program Settings used to track certain parameters.

Name: TC_Update Program Setting
Action Type: Update Program Setting
Setting Name: [:SettingName]
Setting Value: [:SettingValue]
Update Type: Update
Is Local: False