Time Clock Configuration

Our customer want to use Time Clock and I have purchased the Time Clock Configuration from the reseller store but I cannot find any information about how to use this module. Can anyone please tell me? I need to know how does this module work and how to setup?



Contact support@sambapos.com, give them your reseller details and they will assist you with the setup of this

I have send them an email and they come back asking me to give Anydesk Id, I gave them the id and wait for a long time and thee is no one log in to help. Time in NZ is different to the time in Istanbul so I don’t know how this is going to happen. :frowning: so hard…

I think there is quite a big time difference between you, just follow up with them. They will help you with this

Hello @aru1gj01,

We contacted back to you through email and had a session via Anydesk and resolved the Time Clock case.

Yes… got it thx.

Hope the customer will be happy