Time Clock & Punch Editor - Custom Navigation Flow: Uses Employee Entities not Users


Here is what I use.

Keep in mind I have automation setup so when my employee presses POS button it prompts them to enter a PIN that pin is what is read into the SETTING:EPassword


Can I just also see your login screen setup if you dont mind. Im trying to figure out how to set it up so the user cant go into the pos screen without entering pin.



Yeah one second I just stepped out. Getting bids for repainting our building :smile:

So it will be easier for me to just share the database tasks file. Backup your database before you try this out.

upload coming in sec…


Your the best!!! Thanks Bud! Take your time please.


Doh I thought I uploaded it. I’m out of town now lol. Just noticed it didn’t. When I get home I’ll up it.


@Hasa here is the file sorry for delay.

Time Clock.zip (3.7 KB)


No need to apologize. Thanks again.


I should of just asked for the whole setup to begin with. This is great thanks.

oo do you mind showing me your entity configuration also. It didn’t import



@Hasa I have recently evaluated my Entity Based flow and have reduced it down to just these rules:

I am linking Employee Entities with Employee Users. It checks employee on login if they are punched in and if not it asks them to clock in if they press cancel it auto logs them out of SambaPOS using the Logout User Action.

If they choose yes it will send a Punch to TimeTrex for them and sets their Entity Status to PunchIn.


I am now building my Clock Out functions. I will update those soon.


Thanks a lot for sharing, I’ll stay tuned. I tried to set it up with the info you gave me but put it on the afterburner for a few days. I was a little confused how to setup the scripts in samba tbh. I didn’t know what to put in the handler section in particular. Also was missing the entity screen setup.

I might be able to figure it out on my own; I just haven’t had the time to sit down to work on it. We have been extremely busy talking to some casino clients in Detroit. They might be interested in implementing samba with some of our integrations we are currently working on.


The new setup I am using that rule that has TimeTrex script you see above is the ONLY rule required for TimeTrex integration. That initializes the script. That is an Execute Script action.


I meant I don’t know how to setup the Time trex script in scripts section. Samba asks for a handler and name for the script. I’d love to try to set it up right now if you can help me out :slight_smile:

Or do we not even have to setup the script under scripts in sambaPOS settings?


Yes you do… one sec ill sshot mine.


Okay sweet. Are the actions the same as the ones you previously shared?


Hello kendash
I was trying to download your time clock and I got this

I have been reading a lot of your post but couldn’t find anything similar hope you can help me thanks for your great job here awesome stuff


Maybe the log.txt can tell you what the error is? Btw that’s the wrong repository for mine if it says emre in it.


well I copy this = )

still can download = ( i need this time clock so bad…



Does not look like this: