Time Clock & Punch Editor - Custom Navigation Flow: Uses Employee Entities not Users


That sounds pretty good actually a reminder to pop up at set times throughout the working day just remind to logout. seems like that would work…

Maybe 2 hour slots 12, 2, 4 maybe actually that is not a bad idea thank you Kendash…


BTW are you using the Punch Editor portion of this or did you just follow the tutorial? I never put Punch Editor into the tutorial but it is included in the Configuration Task.


just followed tutorial…

Don’t require Punch Editor only have 3 girls so very easy to monitor…


AH ok. Well it might be some work but I recommend you load a test system that you can compare to your production system and on the test system use the configuration task. You can compare rules etc and update your live system. The configuration task also includes a PUnch Editor which gives you a screen to view all punches and the option to correct or edit the punches.

Dont run the Configuration Task on live system it might not work since you already built the tutorial… instead install it on the test machine and compare the rules etc and then build the ones missing from live system manually. I made some improvements to the overall system as well that were not reflected in the tutorial yet. But again you can compare and make adjustments as you see them.

A benefit of the Configuration task is running it multiple times allows you to add new employees and it will automatically add the employee and configure any reports etc.

I am hoping that more people use it and we can improve on it even more.


This post has quickly risen to the TOP of Tutorials category for views so obviously people are interested.


OK sounds good better get v5 running a new system with clear Basic Database Yes?


Yes just install it as a separate clear new database… dont worry about activating license… trial mode is fine for testing.

By using a basic clear fresh database you can easily spot the rules etc because you dont have anything else mixed in other than the few default settings.

If you use the configuration task for rules in the search box on upper right you can type tags:Time Clock and it will pull up ALL rules pertaining to time clock. I added tags to each rule.

tags:Punch Editor pulls up punch editor rules.


Cool will get that up and running and will get back to you when compared Rules and Actions E.t.c might take a while i sort laptop out thanks Kendash get back to you soon… :wink:


See how it filtered to only show Time Clock rules.

And this one only showed Punch Editor Rules.

Will make comparing easy.


Hi, how can we remove the password everytime we want enter in POS?
I use time clock for in and out and it´s ok, if not at least in the evenings I have a big line with guests waiting. Another question, why now always go to the main menu if we don’t touch a while?


This time clock may not be for you. It’s a custom flow. The password simulates users logging in. It goes back to main menu as a auto timeout feature to auto logout an entity.


So, do you know how to remove all?


What do you mean with remove all?

If you want to remove all added actions… It may create an auto backup before executing configuration task. Check backups if you can find a suitable point to roll back.


yes, I have but then I will remove 600 new tickets too…


So the only way is to go through one by one and delete the rules / actions/automation commands etc.


I have edited this tutorial it is now only available via Configuration Task. I did this for consistency and so I can update it easily. If you want to learn how the rules and actions work then install the configuration task on a test system and you can look at the rules/actions etc.

I think going forward in the future all of my Custom advanced tutorials will be in the form of a configuration task I will not offer step by step screenshots anymore. This eliminates the silly mistakes people might make but it still allows them to study it to learn.

I think I will also start designing uninstall features into most of my Configuration Tasks. (Remember actual ticket data, entities, etc will never be uninstalled)


thanks brother for what you do.

i tried to install but two problems happened:
1- no actuall user was created.
2- system crashed once Punch editor selected


Thank you for reporting that @nkahat1 can you answer a couple questions?

  1. It does not create users so do you mean Employee Entities?
  2. Can you give the crash error log? What version of SambaPOS were you running?

I just tested it on 5.1.53 in fresh database and it worked fine no crash with Punch editor. If your running an older version of 5 then can you please upgrade to 5.1.53 and run it again?


Thanks Kendashfot your response.
Please find my answers below:

Answer: yes, I mean actual employee Entity.

Answer: V5.1.50


Ok I updated it for newer version than 5.1.50. Upgrade to 5.1.53 and it will work fine.

@emre I am going to check make sure I have appropriate version listed… but if I do then this means the version check is not working correctly and its allowing them to run and install configuration tasks into older versions than whats designated.

Or did I misunderstand you with the version provision in the gist?

EDIT: Gist is set for 115 so it should not have allowed him to install it into the older version right? Actually I thought it may not even download the gist?