Time Clock & Punch Editor - Custom Navigation Flow: Uses Employee Entities not Users


No, is not this for sure. This was the way he respond me for the first time, like no, I don´t do it! This is a lesson for you too learn! I was a bit surprise… In the next message he told that he was busy and everything, and of course I know about it. I am a owner of a restaurant too.
I was a bit angry because I spent all day with the software, everything was so perfect, in the end just to try remove the password everytime I go to pos ( tables ) I asked him, and the solution it wasn´t the correct. So I did my last backup 6 hours before, I lost everything and I need now to repeat. And I still don´t know how to remove it.
I love your forum, really! I love the software and I will continue. In the day you ask for the money I paid without any problems. The thing I told about the money it was, that I am always ready to help the team, I would like to had some help in that crazy moment when I had 40 guests.
Thanks Tiago


Ok @restaurant34 I want to explain something and its the reason why its not easy to just remove the password. The entire structure of the Time Clock was built around Entities and using them instead of Users as employees. So if you want to remove the password then you need to decide how you want to assign an employee to a ticket. So that said you need to explain in better detail the flow you really want?

If you just want a simple Time Clock then like QMcKay said you can follow his tutorial. But if you like my system you just dont want the password then you need to explain further how you want it to behave. Do you still want employees assigned to tickets?

Bottom line is your asking for a change to a specifically designed configuration and that change requires a completely different configuration. You cant just remove a password and it work the same. The password is what decides which employee is assigned to a ticket.


Yes, thank you so much again for your reply.
For now, I just want uninstall everything I can. I don´t need anything about clock, just a way to remove the password. I´m not using anything, punch or clock.


So remove all rules prefixed with tc_


I did and when I press POS button, can´t enter, nothing happen. :confused:


You need to go to automation commands and the POS automation command go to navigation and change it to navigate to POS.


I did it, thank you so much once again!


@Jesse Is there a way to remove employees and all information regarding that employee after creating it through the config task?


Are you wanting to remove select employees or all of them? BTW the answer is yes all the configuration task does is automate a manual configuration. Everything done in the task was done manually by me and then converted to a task with options for you to customize it.

Just let me know what your trying to do and why and I can help you do it.

If you want to remove employee entities you simply delete them but if they are tied to tickets then you cant. You can delete any reports however. What I do is I simply mark them as inactive and delete their passcode from the entity field. I keep reports just in case I want to review it again sometime.


That’s fair enough. So by just removing passcode and operator title, that particular employee can no longer clock in or out, is that correct?

Basically a manager or work place can go through a few employees over the years, and the one that are gone, at the least their name should not appear in that time clock puncher. Not that it would make that much of a different, but I’m only imagining a scenario where a place over a few years have gone through lets say 10 employees… That’s 10 employees that have come and gone, and replaced with another lets say 10 employees, if a manager or admin simply removes their passcode, and operator ID to disable them from future punches, that’s fine, but at the least it shouldn’t still show on the time clock button.

EDIT: For example, below I have 3 employees, after wanting to disable Shivan from future clock ins because he no longer works at the store, I have removed his password and operator ID. That certainly stopped him from been able to clock in, but his name still appears in the time clock button.

I could not delete him of course coz his tied to tickets, which is fair enough, but at the least he should not appear on that time clock button.



We can fix that I will show you when i get home.


Also when logged in as for example EMPLOYEE user, the user can still see the Punch Editor page with all other employee names there. Ideally I would like it to only show Their name only and options for them. when an ADMIN logs in, they can see all names in Punch Editor screen.


Well the Employee login in my flow is meant to be kept logged in all day. I do not use multiple user logins. If you do not want employees to see other employees time clock status then simply remove that from the Navigation button or change it to something else.

This would not be possible with the setup I created because it does not use Users it uses Entities for Employees. You might think of creating a specific screen for Time Clock that shows only that Employees information after they log into it.

PS: I will rework the configuration task to add a remove Employee function that will disable employees that no longer work for you. It will keep the entity but disable it and remove it from reports or any navigation buttons. It might be a few days before I finish it.


You can store different layouts in custom navigation screen for different users. For example Employee User does not have same navigation screen as Admin.


That’s all good. Thanks kendash. In meantime, I think the setup is fine otherwise, it works as intended and I just spoke to one of the clients who wants me to set this up for, his ok with it’s functionality. I’ve got a meeting to show him how it works, so fingers crossed he will be happy with it. And in the case he is not, don’t worry I will sort something out :D. but yes, I will definitely look further into how much I can customize it. Thanks for a fantastic tool


Just a question. How could we attach the employee to the order, which in order also prints on the receipt for the customer. ? Currently when using POS, it asks to login with a pin, this assigns the employee to the order, in which case what command would we enter the Receipt template in order to show who was serving the customer?


And another question that just came to mind would be, if message server was used, and a second terminal was configured would message server auto update 2nd terminal about user clock ins and clock outs?


You would use this in your printer template:{ENTITY NAME:Employees}

Answer is yes :stuck_out_tongue:


Been looking at all these time clocks on the forums and I haven’t seen anything about why everything is setup to use employees as entities instead of users?


Because there is no way to log users states which is because there are no user states. Users are not setup to build a time clock.

You can link the two in fact I used to do that, but quickly preferred not to.