Time Clock & Punch Editor - Custom Navigation Flow: Uses Employee Entities not Users


Awesome kendash, really really like this feature. Best part about it is the ability to force staff to use their own pin, and the fact unlike other auto logout i tried, staff can actually do multiple sales on this or split bills without logging out!

Everyone runs their business in their own way, and its honestly amazing how sambapos can accommodate 99.8% of people (don’t ask how i drew up that figure…pulled it out of thin air :sweat_smile:)


@Vasilios its case sensitive how it’s named. I need to be at a PC to show you so might be late tonight.


Remember its case sensitive but here you go. Navigation settings should be blank. Mappings should be mapped to Navigation of course.


Thank you! I had Pos under navigation module.


Probably my final question on this, as I’ve almost perfected it to my set up!

SambaPOS by default as “User Sales” on the end of work period report. Obviously with this set up all sales are done under one User e.g. Administrator.
Does anyone (@Jesse lol) know the correct syntax I would need to use in custom reports to show total sales per employee entity? Tried messing around for the last 2 hours and couldn’t get anything.

Thanks as usual.


kendash is probably the best person to take that one as he uses entity users.
Should he not get back to you I will see what I can come up with but having stuck with default users system myself I would have to mess around a bit to work out the report where as he will undoubtibly already have a report he uses so will give him chance to post.

Pretty sure @QMcKay does or at least has worked with entity users so will likely already have a report template for that.



Off topic: Just ordered some rfid fobs for this system like you use, can’t wait!


I use them on all my systems. Reliable, cheap and long lasting compared to MSR.

Only downside is the fixed length of 10 digits for the pin which is because the cheap basic ones only use the RFID serial/id rather than a data string often used by higher prices mayfair type higher frequency ones.
Which means its not a number you can remember and type in if forget you fob.

In my local system it works well as prevents users from learning what the ‘manager’ pin might be to void things.
Although never any issues like stealing it was more that they messed stuff up rather LOL

Only snag for me personally is using tablets as no easily attachable raid reader so will have to setup a second user for each hostes to be able to login the tablets.


Hey, Yes we can change the report tags to use Entities instead of Users and its quite simple. Give me a bit ill demonstrate.

To do this we need to determine a few things.

  1. are you using tables? If so do you allow employees to open other employees tables to settle?
  2. Do you allow other employees to open each other tickets for settle?


Afternoon (2pm here)

To answer both your questions, yes I do. So ideally would like to trace whoever actually took the payment.

@JTRTech RFID arrived this morning but had to go to uni! Counting down the hours til I get home to test them


Ok there is a little additional automation we need to do for this. I’ll not be able to show you until later tonight when I have more time.


Any Ideas as to why RFID isn’t working using this?

Is there a max digit set? It just doesn’t do anything under entities at all. If I type in a 4 digit code it works perfectly.



It should work if it emulates keyboard.


I kno… but it doesn’t… odd.

Don’t worry, I’ve decided to have my day staff log in manually anyway. Only evening staff who arent entities are going to log in via RFID.




If you’re awake and bored …could you kindly let me know how to report this :sweat_smile:…tried tinkering around for the last week but report syntaxes are completely new to me. This one I cant figure out!


@Jesse Hi Dear i am facing this Issue will you please help me


Show your report template, you may possibly have the word format somewhere that isnt a valid function name so it will either need removing or changing to something that is valid, but we need to see the template to see where the error is and what youre trying to do

[#Punch Editor:1,1, 1,45,45, 1, 1]
@@EmployeeHoursDailyPE:Employee,Arslan Tariq


Is there any data for that employee yet?


yes have the data but still getting the same error