Time difference in the reports

I Am trying to figure out why sometimes the report keep on showing Wrong time, the Work period starts at 08 Am to 08 Am the following day. But at times time is Wrong.

It shows the date and time as found in the [Workperiods] table in the [StartDate] and [EndDate] columns in the Database; nothing more, nothing less, nothing “wrong”. It reports what it sees.

If you think the times are “wrong” then you or your staff did not start/end the WP when you expect.

For example, according to your Date Filters (top-right of the Report Explorer screen), you are trying to filter for 5/7 to 5/8. The Report will look at the [StartDate] column for the 7th, and the [EndDate] column for the 8th, and report on that span.

FYI, for your Date Filters, you can include the time in both the start/end to constrain the Report for “exact” reporting times.

okay… So is it Possible to include time in both start and end to constrain the record exect reporting time.?

Yes, did I not just say that?