Timer after deliverer has been assigned. Advance Delivery System

I am quite new to samba, and have just set up the V5 Advance Delivery System using configuration tasks.
I like the timer that displays the time elapsed for Waiting Orders. I put in the same code for Delivered Orders, it shows the total elapsed time since the order has been placed.

I would like to know the elapsed time since a deliverer has been assigned for the order for Delivered Orders. When I click the deliverer for a specific waiting order and the order is redirected to delivered order, the timer should reset.

This way I would know what is the elapsed time since a delivery rider has left with our order, because most of our delivery riders are outsourced.
Detailed way to implement this step-by-step would be very appreciated.
Thanks in advance

The way I understand your question, I can say to you that you are after a new State of “Picked up” or “Out for Delivery” and you’d need a new timer similar to waiting timer.

However, this timer will keep going and never stop until you have a new set of automation commands and rules to click and change the status on the order to delivered. How and who is going to do that? The rider? that would create a whole set of issues and trust challenges.

I believe that if you understand how the delivery system is working, you can expanded according to your needs.


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