Timer notification on kitchen display

ok sir i have share screen shot of template

Hmm ok, not what I was expecting. So what widget are you using on entity screen.
Show its settings/properties.

ok sir

Where is [Content] template?

[Content Template i have not made only kitchen template i have made sir

Ok, well see a few variances betweek your setup and Qs kitchen display;

For one your using {DATE:} this cant be correct as that is system/current date/time… You need to use {ORDER TIME} surely?
Not fluent in tasks and task widget but if I had to guess I would say using {DATE} is always going to be 0-5 (AKA null) since DATE is current time not time of order.

i checked everything is correct sir and change this also in template {ORDER TIME} but not working

As Jesse said, drop the sir.
I’m no sir, I work for a living.

Not working… With new ticket left one 5 minutes? Won’t backdate to past tickets…

ya JTR bro i have check with new tickets also it is same

I’m no expert but your template doesn’t match you output.
You have new order entity name on ++ title within order but not shown on entity screen.

Also you specify the showing of a time above each order but is shown.

As asked before you have the field for content template set to [Content] what is this referring to?

ok i have attach gif file and i have shown what [Content] do please see the gif bro

So content must be a template or something somewhere…

i think content is from task type but not sure

There is nothing there that represents the difference between having that field and not having it set
Show a list of your print templates.

Content but be defined somewhere as your template without it actually matches your template shown earlier.

ok bro

So where did you see to put [Content] in that field? Dont see it in Q’s tutorial.
Wihtout it it seems to match your template which to me would be preferable over unknown…

i got emree kitchen display txt file in forum that i uploaded in pos after i did more customization seeing Q’s tutorial and this customization is like double half from emree txt file half from Q,s tutorial and this content was in emree file and i have not deleted anything of emree file except product widget from entity