Timer product on appetizers

Hi guys I’m wondering if its possible to add on the bill for each one, a time for appetizers and the meals… so my waiters can put everything in the system in the same time, but printing the principal meal after 15 minutes in the kitchen s

Really? I have never seen a kitchen operate that didnt receive the starters and mains together as a single print grouped by courses.
Otherwise they cannot start to get things ready…
Ie if they had a well done steak they would likely start that at same time as starters so its ready at time other mains are etc.
Sending seperatly like that seems like you dont want the kitchen to know what orders are coming up… if they are ordering their starters and mains at same time why wouldnt you let the kitchen know the mains that are due in 15 mins.


Sometime clients want everyting in the same time and other time they don’t… so if we send everything st the same time… they will do everything in the same time… i try to make it easy for my waiters and my kitchen guys… i need to be REALLY CLEAR whit my workers … otherwise mistakes happen ,when the restaurant his full I need my waiters be able to but all the order for not forget … its really disappointed most of the I ask a question I feel like I ask a stupid question…

We have 60 sittings places and big groups if nobody already did it’s ok… I will add a order tiket but like I said if we have 6 or 7 table in the same time the cook can forget about the time for the main course

This is where course grouping comes in.
I have starters and mains by default grouped like that and then because I group on a course state which can be updated within the ticket I can also change a starter to be grouped with mains.
It then prints in the way I have only ever seen used by any restaurant of

Order 1
Time 00:00

-Starters x3-
1x xxxxx
2x yyyyy

-Mains x3-
2x aaaaaa
1x bbbbbb