To return a result if 'not found' in numberpad value entered


ok so I still added The Card Selected Was\r {:NUMBERPAD} yet still returns blank :confused:


No mate…

In the numberpad entered rule use: [:NumberpadValue]

This is the rule specific expression for the value - because its numberpad entered rule.

So humor me and forget updating the setting and in the execute automation command action ofthe first rule set command value to PRMLoad and command value to [:NumberpadValue]

Then in the PRMLoad automation command rule to

The Card Selected Was\r [:CommandValue]


The next rule will be to create the entity, and add the {:NUMBERPAD} as their Customer Number eliminating the need to pansy about creating a new entity via a button.


Thats fine, so change the message to an ask question where it says create new card?
And set buttons to Yes=[:CommandValue],No with command name say ‘CreateCard’ then make an automation command rule to create the entity and you will again use [:CommandValue] for the card number as it has been carried forward again in the command value.



Ok Its done.

I already have the rules set to create the card, I just needed to make it return the card number so I could make it update entity data with customner number.

All sorted now, as always JTR’s the best :smiley:



Seriously though, if you can do it without saving to setting id recommend it, it streamlines the flow and makes it more self contained. Utilising command value to carry a value directly is handy, that bookings account setup I have I think confused people because of this they couldn’t visualise it


Wow, didn’t know someone noticed that.

Edit: I mean accessing parent rule parameters via [:XXX] in the rule chain.


Are you saying [:NumberpadValue] would be useable in the following automation command executed rule? I only meant passing it forward in the command value field…


I need to test to confirm if it is possible or not but I remember rule passes it’s parameters to executed rules.


I stuck it in a setting… and all works flawlessly. Will add this to my tutorial :smiley:


@JTRTech yes it works without defining an additional parameter. If it executed from “Numberpad Entered” rule, I can access [:NumberpadValue]


That’s very interesting. Would be intrigued how far far carried, if another exc amc action and rule is it still available? Is it just exc amc action or does ask question command and other do this?


Yes if ask question executes a command it will probably pass the actual parameters too. That primarily allows us to access tickets inside command executed rule but accessing other parameters is also possible.