To switch the entity screen using the numeric keypad

Hello, I’m having trouble implementing the following configuration with numeric keypad. Change the entity screen with the numeric keypad. Example: from the main menu screen I press the 1 key and open the understand 1 screen, if I press the 2 key it opens the entity screen 2, pressing the 0 key returns to the main menu screen. Is this possible in SambaPOS?

Dont think so, guessing you dont have a touch screen?

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I would like to have a terminal for the public, and I am thinking of robust and durable hardware, similar to the keyboards and component of an ATM, I want the public to pay close attention to what they are doing, and personally I think the touch screen can distract them.

So what type of entity screen are they selecting?

Public access will be able to select the entity screen to check the balance of the card, to scan the card or invitation to open the door, they can request and print codes to open the door and call for an employee.


Interesting so you are using sambapos to open doors?? Lol I never would have thought it would do that.

I would be intregued to see more info on your door control system. Have played arround with cheapy china access control boards but they use nasty software to update. Would love a controller with some form of api.

We are connecting the electromagnetic lock with the printer output to the cash drawer. Then the balance of the card is less than 10 the drawer does not open, therefore will not open the electromagnetic lock. If the balance of the card is greater than 10 it triggers the drawer and then opens the electromagnetic lock

Through a 24V DC converter and an Arduino it is possible to

We printed the barcode on the invitation.

That’s pretty cool I must say.

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Yes @Jesse is through all of you that all these imaginations have fluid in our minds. With all of you we learn that the SambaPOS have no limits, just your imagination and creativity


So your using the arduino to control the magnetic release psu/relay?

To answer your original question it should be possible but it may require careful planning because there are things to think about that can interfere with screen change events like open tickets with no entities/tags.

However we should be able to use the navigate action with some scripting to capture the key press. I don’t think numberpad value is read outside of ticket screen.

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Thank you @Jesse , I’ll be on the lookout as soon as there’s any news

… double post …

It is possible to catch keyboard from Entity Screens. But it is NOT possible to catch keyboard from Main Menu (NAV) screen.

So you cannot use Main Menu at all for what you are asking.

You would instead need to build an Entity Screen that “appears” to be Main Menu (screen 0), having a couple “Tiles” that are actually Automation Command Widgets, which lead to other Entity Screens. Automation Command Widgets can be assigned Keyboard Codes which mimic clicking on the button.

Upon Application Started, you fire a Navigate Module action to take you to your “fake” Nav screen (Screen 0).

Using the keyboard to mimic a click on an Automation Command, you capture Automation Command Executed event which then fires Navigate Module action to take you to Entity Screen 1 or 2.

Entity Screen 1 & 2 need to have Automation Command widgets that are configured to capture keys for 0 (fake Nav Screen), 1 (screen 1), and 2 (screen 2), which all in turn trigger your Rules to fire Navigate Module action to the appropriate Entity Screen.


@QMcKay, sure this is a great tip for me to review my setup, I’ve been thinking I would not need to have a main menu screen, I just need to switch between entities screens.

I’m sorry, so I should have read my posts.