Total Amount doesnt show on screen

If you can see where it says sufiyan it used to show the total amount of sales on a daily basis.
But suddenly it disappeared.
Samba has been working perfectly for me wouldn’t be able to run my business without it

It looks like you have accidentally removed the Total column.

To get it back, right click the heading row and select “Show Column Chooser”

Drag the “Total” column from the column chooser back to the header row, into the position you want it to be

If the total sum doesn’t show at the bottom of the Total column, right click at the bottom of the Total column, then select “Sum” from the menu. (You can also do this for any of the other columns if you want a total sum / count value)

Then, most importantly, immediately close SambaPOS (Main Menu > Logout > Close). Failure to do this may mean the changes to the ticket lister will not be saved.

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Thank you so much but i cant see column chooser in the options…

Found it
Thank you so much
Life saver !!!

As soon as i go back it disappears again

To save changes once you make change immediately log out shut down sambapos and restart it and it will save.