Total Discount & Total Round Report

Dear All,
I tried to create some report as in attached image.
Could you guide me “How to create Total Discount & Total Round”?

add OR into your report constraints something like ((CT=A) OR (CT=B)) AND (TT.Service=Lunch)

Post the actual Report so we can copy/paste it and run it instead of trying to reproduce it from a screenshot.

Thanks For your Idea.

[Manager Report:3, 2, 2]
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.ItemTag,O.ExactTotal.Percent.desc,O.ExactTotal.Sum:(TT.Service=Lunch)}
Service|{REPORT CALCULATION TOTAL:(CT=Services) AND (TT.Service=Lunch)}
5%Discount|{REPORT CALCULATION TOTAL:(CT=5% Discount) AND (TT.Service=Lunch)}
10%Discount|{REPORT CALCULATION TOTAL:(CT=10% Discount) AND (TT.Service=Lunch)}
15%Discount|{REPORT CALCULATION TOTAL:(CT=15% Discount) AND (TT.Service=Lunch)}
AutoRound+|{REPORT CALCULATION TOTAL:(CT=Auto Round+) AND (TT.Service=Lunch)}
AutoRound-|{REPORT CALCULATION TOTAL:(CT=Auto Round-) AND (TT.Service=Lunch)}
GuestCount|{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:TT.Guest Count.Sum:(TT.Service=Lunch)}
>Total|{REPORT TICKET TOTAL:(TT.Service=Lunch)}

Dear JTRTech,
Your idea is working exactly what i wanted. Thank you so much.