Total quantity of items Ticket

I would like to print tickets on the total amount of the items.
This does not happen if you print a ticket for each item
using it {ORDER COUNT} even if they are 10 article in the press is always 1
you can keep track of the total amount of the ticket, even if the press and on each individual product?

Is it that you want to print a ticket for each item ?

I would like to create a wardrobe section, where the customer leaves a suit and printed the ticket will be put on the dress.

So you need to print a separate ticket for the clothing based on the number of articles ? So if there is 3 articles of clothing you want 3 tickets plus a customer receipt.

exact! a print for each item and an indication of the total number of items delivered

Total number of items is just a standard customer receipt.

To print a ticket for each item, you need a new Printer Template (just something simple for the items) and a new Print Job (Print Single Orders) with the Printing Content set to Separate Prints by Quantity. Here you can add the Product Group to only print for clothing items if your adding this to an existing Department.

Clone Execute Kitchen Orders Print Job Action and call it Execute Single Orders Print Job and change the PrintJobName to the new Print Job you created above (Print Single Orders).

Now add the new Action to the Ticket Closing Rule. Make sure it is above the Update Ticket Status and Update Order Status Actions.

Now when you close the Ticket it will print the Receipt and a Ticket for each item.

This is a very basic solution, and depending on your setup you may need to make some changes.
I hope this helps get you started.

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I thank you for your reply!
I managed to do this already,
what to do and I can not print on one single ticket product and the total amount.
I tried in many ways but nothing, not even with groups

Do you have two print jobs? and are they both in the Ticket Closing Rule?

I have a screen called “wardrobe”, from there you enter the name of the client and the head delivered via a button mold tickets to be put on Ugni head.
I just wish the number of animals that delivered on the same ticket

{ORDER COUNT} is the count of printed lines or products of the ticket?

{ORDER COUNT} is the count of ticket lines. {TICKET QUANTITY SUM} is the sum of all items.

also with {TICKET QUANTITY SUM} I nevertheless marks only one object!

I strongly feel if I can understand this part I’ll find a solution. Can you rephrase that?

Hint: We also have {ORDER STATE QUANTITY TOTAL:X} that gives the total quantity of orders that have X state.

you’re right :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: frowning:translated clothing with livestock “animals”
I want to do is print each product on separate sheets, however, have the total of the products of the entire ticket

@emre, what @spanky is after from what I can guess is;

He has a cloak room.
He wants to book in articles of clothing, print a separate ticket for each article, then print a receipt for the customer showing total number of articles they have left at the cloak room.

Got it now. So when we split ticket prints by quantity, quantity based tags obviously prints the splitted quantity. What we need to do is storing this value as a ticket tag.

On printing rule just before executing print action we can automatically tag ticket with {TICKET QUANTITY SUM} and use this tag value to print total clothes count.

Solved! :slight_smile:
I have transferred the parameter to be {TICKET QUANTITY SUM} to Ticket Tag
Thanks Emre e JohnS.

I’m trying to do this but no luck. The version is 4.1.82 and there isn’t anything I didn’t try with template… How would I get this done?

What do you want to do?