Track Groupon (Voucher) Redemption

Ok, I have something I am moderately happy with now. Works mostly as expected except 2 thing.

Why is ON in this field by default and how can I get rid of it and why is there no “Enter” key here. I have a number pad attached to touchscreen so enter is not a huge deal.

You have ON displaying because that’s what you told it to display in the mask you set in the groupon action, you set it to display ON as default, in your mask it’s in the wrong place

Pretty sure you won’t even need the N as that sets a numberpad, but your specifying the buttons to show so don’t think you need to have N

The O would be the ok/enter button if you weren’t using a custom keypad, again if your custom keypad buttons you’ve entered has the code for an enter button you don’t need the O in the mask either

I’ll try and find a format for you now

Have a look here at he enter customer birthday mask for the numberpad input

Well that failed, lol. I took ON out and it crashed when I tried it. I actually used that Syntax above to help me build this code and copied a lot from Age Check and Customer Birthday code. Don’t know what i’m missing. I want the default value to be blank so I’m not using any mask.

Add another colon before ON so it will be ;;ON

your missing a colon there should always be 4, if you remove the ON you would then have ;;; then your keypad code


Yes, I did that and it crashed as soon as i tried to execute the rule.

Show that actions setttings.

EDIT: NM You have a missing )

Actually just get rid of the ( and you should be fine.

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That did it! Works Perfectly now with that ( removed and an extra ;

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