Tracking Customer Account

I have add to sambapos customer accounts for my Rooms , like
Room 1 , Room 2 , Room 3 , etc
I can add the order to any of these rooms.
My problem is this:
How can i see in one screen ( for example Customer Tickets) these Rooms IF some room needs to pay .
I can see in customer tickets , but if i settle the bill to customer ( room ) account - pay all - Account , then i cant see the customer ( room ) in the tickets view , and i need to search each room one by one to see who is ok , and who is still need to pay.
It would be very good , if for example i can see in customer tickets ( or in a new screen) with yellow box , the customer name ( in my setup : Room 1 , Room 2 etc) that his account is NOT 0 ( need to pay)

Thank you

You might struggle in V4 to get a productive system for rooms using account for each room as while you can get account balance you wont be able to print a ‘statement’ for them to pay on checkout.

You accounts screen will show account balances and you should be able to use {ACCOUNT BALANCE:Room 1} if that tag is available in V4…

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That what i want is not to print a statement (yet!!).
That what i want is to be able to see in one screen which customer ( Room ) has to pay, and not to search every customer one by one.
It will much better if there s a way to show in some “Account Details” by date. In this way i can say that Customer Starts( Room arrive and order ) from these dates , and control the tickets.
Also , is there a way that the weiter can press a button ( lets named Shifts Cash) and to put there the money that she (!!) have in her pocket. In this way i will get the Weiter Money vs The Theoretical Money .( It will be very good if the AM==TM!)
Thank you in advance