Tracking Inventory and Cost in SambaPOS 4

Hi everyone, im a newbie cashier. My owner told me to discover the sambaPOS 4 as much as possible. I’ve have tried for a few days. But when i practice to track inventory and cost, as the tutorial in this link : , it doesn’t work fine.
I cleared all the old database, created the real database (products, categories, menu…), made a transaction document to input the purchasing inventory, quantity, unit and cost. Then i made recipe for each product and saved the all steps.
For example : After started a work period, i made the product named Espresso, and its recipe is : 10 gram Italy coffee. I also create the Italy coffee in Inventory Items. Then i made a transaction document : purchase 2 kg Italy, base unit is gr, transaction unit is kg, multiplier 1000. Then saved it all. Back to the POS screen, i sold 10 espresso. But when im back to the Manage -> End of day record, there was no happen to the inventory Italy coffee. Or ending the period, there was no happen too.

In fact, the tutorial in the link above is for version 2.95. Does it work with version 4. ? Please help me to solve this problem.

Many thanks,


Hello @calebnguyen. Yes there is a small difference between V2 and V4. On V4 you’ll track actual inventory from Warehouses screen without the need of ending work period.

@emre Thanks for your reply, now i can see it on Warehouse screen.
But the problem is still there. After sold many products (the inventory items, recipe, menu… all of them had been recorded) on the tab Inventory Items, i just see the value in product’s name, purchase, unit, cost, inventory prediction column, but the consumption column has no value, and the tab Costs has nothing too.

Please help me, thanks so much


  • Try leaving Warehouse setting empty for inventory items.
  • Check correct warehouse selected for department.