Tracking Promotions by Points

This is new import file. You need to manually create a custom numeric field named as Points for Customer entities. (1.3 KB)

Install 4.1.82 (or latest one) before importing as it fixes an issue with rule importing.

Note for advanced users. This issue relates with importing rules that you already have. Old importer was keeping already existing action mappings inside rule. Now it will remove all already existing actions inside rule and import new ones. That makes more sense for most cases. Please consider that if you need to export default rules for public samples.


@emre PLS PLS PLS Few Requests PLS PLS As this is wonderful software , I tried many but this is my favorite like the design , only confused the price definitions for my scenario

In My restaurant we have one menu products BUT Different price for Take Out And Dine In

  • If we can make additional option for product that delivery price? take out price? dine in price?

*(A)Every CID order or phone order or even walk ins Staff will ask would u like take out or dine in I need this option so I select type of service so price will automatically updated

*(B) if CID order place order than by clicking service type the price will automatically updated

I Have tried in price tag way and department way I have few suggestion and bit hard for me

If a phone call comes I select customer enter order but if the pos was in dine in before call comes it charging dine in price , Second thing if customer said take out ordered few than change mind to have here I am deleting all of them and re enter in proper department
I just want this samba to use But if Some one setup this for me I will pay for the service pls any member help on this so I can go live as soon as

I use this tutorial.
My card has been operating for half a year…

but recently noticed an error if the cardholder cancels the order (Order Void) he still charged points…

I Do not know how to remove this problem…

Is there is anyways to do it in SambaPos 3 latest release?

Great tutorial, but its not working for me… I can only put it down to the mappings…
been using samba for one day and haven’t had chance to get my head around how the mapping works…

Can’t get my head around it at the moment.

You must have a Default Mapping (* * * *) for all of your Rules.

Without a mapping, they are disabled and won’t fire.

If your Rules appear grey, they have no mapping, and are therefore disabled.

That’s great i did have some grey ones, sorted that.

I have followed the tutorial up to the point where “points” is showing as a tag in the cart nect to “New” and this is where mine fails.

I have double and triple checked my square brackets for curlys ones and still can’t get points to show in the cart the way yours are. I get nothing.