Tracking Suppliers

I tried following Kendash Tutorial - Expenses and Payouts Method K: Supplier & Utility Payouts but where do I enter the invoice from the supplier. What I want to do is Supplier sends me an invoice for €400. I enter that I owe him €400. I might pay him €100 this week and €100 next week leaving a balance of €200. Is it possible for me to track what I am paying him for? I’ve had a long day maybe I’m missing something?

I have not looked at the Method K Tutorial, but I would guess that it does not include the functionality you are requesting. My Tutorial (Method Q) does not include it either.

Basically, you need to set up another Transaction Type (and Document Type) to store the Invoice Amount to the Account. Then as your payments are made, the Account Balance will change.

We need an Account Type and Account to make the Transaction, so let’s set up a Transfer Account.

Now we set up a Transaction Type for Invoice

And finally a Document Type (this becomes a button) …

Enter the Invoice Amount …

Now enter a Payment Amount from one of your Accounts …

This shows we made a 300 payment, so we still owe 700 …

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Perfect… Thanks very much.

Those tutorials will probably get updated for v5 eventually. I do not use the same setup anymore and I am willing to bet Q has enhanced his significantly as well.

So many tutorials to demonstrate not enough time! lol