Transfer a ticket on an account

I would like to transfer an entire ticket on an account,
a ticket is paid and transferred from sales to payment accont,
I would now like to open this ticket and via a button to transfer to another account (transfer the entire ticket and not only the total ticket)
is there a way to do it?

Hello spanky. If I can understand your need I can give better suggestion. Can you give an example about your case? Is it an error correction?

No, no error!
I just wanted to know if a ticket can be moved from one accont to another account.
I sell a product, and is included in “selling account”
I get the payment and is reported in “payment accont”
I would like to transfer the whole ticket and not only the reporting of payment.
Another question:
you can leave the work period is always open?
is there a way to not have to close the reporting period work?

When you create a new ticket it creates a “Sale Transaction”. Receiving a payment creates another “payment” transaction. Amount seems transferred from sales to payment but this is not a transfer. Since payment transaction decreases “receivables” account it seems like transferred. So removing a ticket from “Sales Transaction” account and transferring to another account means deleting old account transaction and creating new one. This is not possible.

Work period feature is useful for your reports. If you keep it open you won’t be able to generate daily reports.

If you can give more details about your use case I can suggest different solutions. For example you can have multiple ticket types that uses different accounts.

The reports can not be chosen to date?
If you do not close a period of work the software becomes unstable?

We have date range filters for reports but it works if you properly use work periods.

Let me explain the situation:
I order a lunch 5 days, I insert products and would like to keep them waiting for this time.
therefore, I would like to add products and transfer to an account in order to close the period of work.
Maybe get a chance to take it back and switch accounts.
even using 2 type of tecket is possible to do this?

If you add a product with product timers (remember billiards) inside ticket you can close work period without closing the ticket.

I tried to add a product in time but still asks me who close the period of work.
Can you explain how to do it.

Strange. It looks like I’ve disabled this feature for a reason. I’m checking it now.

Hello @spanky. We’re implementing some reservation related features and I hope that will solve your problem. I’ll let you know when it is ready.