Transfering database backup

What i am trying to do is move the Database backup from one computer to another computer. What i am getting is this error message how can i resolve this issue?
i copied the database backup to a flash drive and transferred to the other computers samba backup database file.

DB backup usually produces a BAK file, which when restored creates MDF and LDF files in the SQL Server Data directory.

It could be a permission issue, or your backup was not produced properly.

Also, check your DB Backup Settings, here…

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i think its a permission Issue .My DB BACKUP SETTING is the same as your except i don’t have Auto create backups before upgrading to a new version , Manage addon licenses on backup restore.
What would you suggest if it is in fact a permission issue.

The error message suggests its more than just permissions, if you want to be sure restore from a different location or add NT Service MSSQL for your SQL to the folder permissions.