Transferring a delivery order to another branch

Delete. Have already asked this question before.

I am also looking for the answer to this query. Its is very important.

Thats great, the question wasnt exactly overy descript in the first place, you need to offer more info to enable us to help you.
Explain your setup and where your stuck…

So basically, i have branches both on sambapos standalone in a town
I take orders on system A and deliveries are done around the town. What i want is to take orders but forward it to the closest branch of location…
Like if system B is closer to the location i transfer the order to that system.

Could be doable with the new API but wouldnt be simple at the moment…
Multi site system solution is on emres roadmap but at the minute the API is priority (probaby mostly to the API will be major component in good multi site system)

Hey… thank you for your quick response. Since Sambapos 4 is running successfully im not ready to upgrade as yet.

I was wondering if the order during save time is prompted to be transferred to location B then we email to motofy maybe?

With v4 your pretty much not going to be able to do this at all. With v5 it could be done but wouldnt be easy and would require you to study and basically implement most of it. We can help with some things but most of the work would need to be done by you.

Upgrading to v5 is seemless and will just work btw. You can always run a backup before as well and you have nothing to lose.

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Thanks Kendash. Can you please explain what particular actions or other features within Samba do I need to familiarize myself within so that this could work?

i am ready to look for a solution… if you could be more descriptive, it would be highly appreciated