Translation portuguese brazil or portugal

Please, are there any news for translation ???

how can we help tro translate ???

For V4 no, you will need to manually rename the buttons in your language, and you can almost do every one except a few hard coded ones

When V5 is released (no date yet we are still testing it) i believe emre has been looking at some translations or it is on his to do list for V5, however as of yet we have had no V5 versions with translations released for us to test

I know this is a feature a lot of people have been asking for and im sure emre has something in the pipeline, im afraid we will need to be a little more patient. For now you will need to rename the buttons you can into your own language which in the pos screen is almost all of them

Look a little closer @RickH :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol have i missed something in V5! Ill have another look :slight_smile: