Triggered Automation Commands

In my setup I have a lot of automation for our buildings lighting system(Home Assistant). A lot of that automation is triggered through Samba’s Triggers via the HA API and curl.

I set up a new terminal and forgot to add the curl app on that terminal. When the Automation Command is triggered to turn a series of lights on, for example a message is displayed on the new terminal that the Start Process did not run due to curl not being installed.

Because I’m not specifying a specific terminal for the Start Process to run with constraints, Is the Start Process firing on every terminal or just the Default Terminal? If it’s running on all of the terminals can I just add a constraint to the Automation Command Executed Rule for a specific Terminal and keep it from running on all of them? I realize if that terminal is off for whatever reason it wouldn’t run but for my needs that would work fine.

Thanks as always!

Default terminal is just the terminal name set by default untill alternate is selected.
If using automation command it would be running on the machine that trggered the automation.

But if it’s a Time Based Trigger, what machine would be the triggering machine? The Server?

Cron job type trigger, may still be all, triggers automation command.
Easy way to check would be adding a show message or print or something in the command rule.
Unless changed i remember correctly a trigger wont fire if a ticket is open or in certain sections of samba like manage.
My sync scripts are on cron trigger and the automation command is constrained to server which i leave samba running but logged out - server is headless so just suns in background tk syn room data and sale sto accounts system.