Trying to add {SETTING:TableNumber} to ticket

I cant work out how to do it?

I need to show the {SETTING:TableNumber} within the open ticket screen

I was going to do it through ticket note but I dont think this possible?

That’s not a default tag. Did you use an action to create that tag? Tables are entities so you would use an entity tag.

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Yes its separate from the tables,

No such thing as Table Entity now on this system, you manually put in the table number using a numpad.

People now have Tabs instead of tables. We changed this because there were multiple groups sitting at tables.

Im creating a Shell Subtitle to show {SETTING:TableNumber} which isnt too hard but im struggling t remember how to set it on a ELSE constraint

I want the shell to read Table: {SETTING:TableNumber} or Not Selected if {SETTING:TableNumber} < 1

something like this maybe

Table Number: [=(’{SETTING:TableNumber}’ > 0 ? ‘{SETTING:TableNumber}’ : ‘Not Selected’)]

Yarp, that did it :slight_smile:

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I just have a sneaky feeling this is going to all go horribly wrong when all 3 terminals are running.

Maybe I should do {SETTING:POS1TableNumber} etc

or maybe do something completely different? not even {SETTING:} maybe there is another way to do this?

Ticket Tag so it is attached to the Ticket instead of some variable in memory/DB.

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Yes I had just did that using an action update tag, then wife called me to say she was feeling feint at work and could I go in (its VERY VERY VERY VERY hot here today and she donated blood)

Looks weird cos im remote


Forget the Setting altogether maybe.

And give the Ticket Tag a Name - without a Name, it is useless. Name it Table Number or whatever, and remove “Table Number” from the Tag Value.

Then Reference the Ticket Tag as {TICKET TAG:Table Number} and it should contain a Number (Tag Value).

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Yes I did that, working perfectly and as expected woot :slight_smile: