Trying to Create a "Pay Later" Option

I am trying to implement Pay Later for some of our frequent clients. I set the Customer Account to Credit, but at the end of the day i can’t close the Work Period.

Also i would like to ask if i can use your tutorial for Simple Reservation “Simple Reservation Example” for Pay Later option.

I tried that as well, but i couldnt close the Work Period as it states there are Open Tickets.

if you dont need inventory balance to change you can set your pay later tickets as pre-order. This will allow the work period to close and the tickets to be unpaid. This will allow your customer to come back at a later date to pay.

However any items on the pre order ticket would not affect your inventory balances, so you could have items showing as in stock that actually are not, as the ticket has not been settles. i think it also affects your sales figures as again i dont think the ticket total shows on your figures until the ticket is paid

@rickh Do not use preorder for this that is a bad practice. Instead you need a payment type linked to the customer account. So you would settle the tickets by using customer payment type. The funds go into the account you settle the account at later date. This leaves no open tickets and lets you close WP.

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@kendash , i am total newbie to sambapos :pensive: could you please tell me a bit in detail how i can achieve this.

also @kendash do you think using @emre guide to Simple Reservation Example as “Pay Later” option would be an issue?

That is a good guide but it is not the same thing. You are not doing reservations. I will give you steps when I get home 20min or so.

I am currently at the restaurant.

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Kool :slight_smile: I’ll wait for your update. This forum’s support is awesome :smiley:

First what most people do not realize is this capability is already built in by default when you install SambaPOS. Sample setup for customers is built in. But for clarity here is what you do…

Quick guide coming…

Create Account Type:

Create Transaction Types:

Add Customer Accounts to your General Accounting Screen:

Create Payment Type:

Default Mappings

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Create the Customers Entity Type:

Be sure to link Customer Accounts with Account Type

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That is it… It is that simple. You can further customize it I will get into that later. Now how it works…

Now you are done with customer time to add items and pay with customer account…


Now to view and make payments to customer account you select the customer and choose Account Details.

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I implemented this last week but I have a small issue with it.

When I do an end of day read, it doesn’t tell me that the account has been paid by card or cash but by the account name.

Is there a way to add the amount paid in card from an account added to the total card amount and same with Cash?


What do you mean? Its not showing the payment type used to pay the customer account? Which end of day report are we refering too? If your referring to WP report that is showing what account was used to pay for the product and that is correct you do not want to change that because no cash or credit was used.

If you want to see what was used to pay on the customer account you can do this with custom reports. In v5 you will be able to edit WP report to show this but in v4 WP report is limited. V5 is not released yet but I am sure we are getting close its under heavy heavy testing.

Also when you make payments to customer accounts it is put into the apropriate Cash or Credit accounts. you can see the transaction by choosing account details for Cash or Credit accounts.

Here I put in description when making the payment to Customer Account Jesse: Cash Payment to customer account.

This is the Account Details for Cash Account. Notice it shows the payment on the customer account. I could have even included Cash payment to Customer: Jesse account.


What I just showed you is the most basic form of a Pay Later setup. You can customize it further… You could add document types that auto fill in a description when making payment… You could add a way to make payments faster from customer screen… lots of other automation you might do.

With Custom Reports you could write some very nice end of day reports to reflect Customer Payments, and Customer Account Payments

What I am saying is using this method your actual transactions would and should show paid by customer account. You would look at the Customer Account transactions to see how those were paid… cash ,credit etc. Its unfortunate that the default WP report in v4 does not include this but that is also the reason it has changed in V5. It was realized that WorkPeriod report in v4 was limiting what you could do.


I followed exactly as your guide, but i find the Customer Account disabled, i cant click to it . Please let me know what might cause the issue.


@emre i followed that aswell, but still i get that “Customer Account” disabled.

You missed a key step watch it again and pay attention to when he goes back to the customer when he shows the button greyed out.

For each customer you have to press the Create Account button before the Payment button is enabled. It wont let you create the account unless customer has phone number entered.

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Yes :smiley: it’s working perfectly!!! Thanks @kendash and @emre