Tutorial recommendation for newbie

i have read guide installed on server 2 terminals ,went through the tutorial page and did the printers cash drawer etc .i am having a hard time grasping or understanding samba pos configuration i’m still confused as to how to customize it to my need .is there a guide or tutorial u guys can point us through that might help me or us get the inner working of it ? material other than what is on tutorial page .

As you are new, don’t take to much hay on your fork.
Start with one till system and figure out how the system works.
All the info you need is on the forum, but don’t expect to configure a system in one week.
If any help needed the forum will answer and help you out there were needed.
It did take myself 3 weeks to get a till working as I did like, and now after 10 weeks I like to play with all the functions available.
As we don’t know your IT background it’s difficult to answer your question.
There is no hard-copy manual from step 1 to 100, the search function is very useful to guide you what you need.
As SambaPOS is very flexible you are the one to build the system you expect.


The tutorials section of this forum has many well laid out step by step guides. You should read and practice them even if you don’t think you will use the particular feature. Once you get a good grasp of how it works by studying and practicing the tutorials then you will find just how powerful SambaPOS is. You will also be able to support your business like never before.

Eventually the Rules, Actions, States, Automation Commands, and other more advanced features will just click with you and make much more sense once this happens you will really learn to enjoy it.

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As kendash says once you get to grips with the relation ship between Rules, Actions and Automation Commands and how to apply/use states and tags etc your experience will improve.
It can be a little daunting at first vs other Hard Coded type software with limited settings but as you go your knolage should grow exponentially and once you understand the relations between the settings youll be able to visualise what is happening behind the scenes when reading the tutorials.

Is a good shout, dont jump in the deep end and start with kitchen display or things like that, start simple.

Fast Cash buttons was my first ‘project’ and is a nice fairly simple task that will familiarise you with the way things work. Have a play, spend a couple of days just experimenting and leaning then revert to fresh and start properly.
Think about adding the backup module so you can do a project, backup, then work on the next encase you do make major mistake - it probably will happen at some point, we all do it :smile:

As kendash said once you pick it up it can become enjoyable and almost addictive to be constantly tweaking your configuration into the ideal setup for you.
Good luck and have fun

dam reading all afternoon on kitchen display set up as mentioned. my problem is i need it up by august 1st ,all my equipment is up and ready server etc i dont lack a problem there ,someone asked for my background or knowledge in it ,well its what i do i run cable and deploy systems migrations ,i do big retail box store set up i basically put retail stores together and configure systems printers etc ,i also worked for dell and hp in past warranty repair .the systems are sent to me by corporate and they are configured remotely by the help desk i just do what it takes to load or get them online testing etc . i am free lance tech .my girl and i own an ice cream store that she runs we just added a kitchen in the back so i slapped together bunch stuff quick and it is set up out back of store with back office pc 2 terminals for training ,need to have a quick serve samba based on customers no tables with kitchen printer up and running by then .possibly gift card support .opening kitchen august first so need it up hopfully .

i dont like most of the software online i like what i c here i like the fact that once i get it i can do all myself which is what i do with everything ,this feels like xda developer for pos .

I was the person who mentioned your IT background.
As you start saying: having a hard time grasping or understanding samba pos configuration
To configure SambaPOS to your needs there is some basic IT (programming) knowledge needed to understand how the Automation tasks are working.
Have a look here.

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hello @sevx007, welcome.

Best way to understand SambaPOS is communicating with community. Publish your progress here and we’ll help as you need. It will progress slow at the begining but once you get the idea you’ll understand everything at once :slight_smile:

that is the tutorial i used , it is a very good one i was able to set it all up in 2 days thanks to it .but it stops short of all the hard stuff which is working and understanding samba itself .to be able to customize it thats where it is hard .

That will take time. But you will have an aha moment and it will all be clear.