Two questions about proft/cost prices and sub categories image

I dont think you can attach an image for a sub category, im pretty sure we can only do it for menu and product

Cost is calculated by portions.

That cost you are seeing is not how it calculates actual Cost. That cost is the amount you pay for the unit you defined. The cost in reports is calculated by portion.

What do you mean by whole data. What whole data are you referring too.

That said it would be better if you showed some screenshots illustrating your issue. We need to see how you set it up and what you are seeing.

Hello there, sorry for my so late answer. Here is some pictures of my thoughts. In the first picture I’m setting the “fixed cost” (my cost for the product), on the second one is the price in the “Cost report”. Why are the different. Also there is no report for my profit (the difference between fixed cost and the end user cost).

Default cost is how much it cost you to pay the supplier for that product. Cost in the report is not the same thing. Default cost is there if you have items that you know never change price from your supplier. This way you do not have to enter a price every time you do a purchase.

Cost in report is based off portions NOT inventory purchases.

Show your recipe for that item please? Also show your product that use that item. Maybe I can help explain it better if I know how you set it up.

Hi kendash, really thank you for your help and your fast response. Sorry for the dump question, but I just can’t get it, why the report is based off portions, but not on inventory purchases? Here is my product setting:

I saw one bug. I had problems with only one quantity left. When I sold them and went to the inventory report, here is what I see. Do you know why is this happening:

Would have to see those inventory items and recipe to know what happened with those.

Can you show the recipe for that other item too please.

Yes, sure. Here it is:

what about the cost/profit report problem? Do you have any idea. If I have to I can pay to somebody to write the moduls I need, so the software will start working as I want it to be.

The cost is working correctly you just want it to calculate different than it is. You would need to use Custom Reports to calculate what you want.

However let me try and explain to you what it is doing.

Can you show recipe for the item that you showed product and inventory item for.

Also show inventory item for the one you just listed.

The cost you want is typically good for retail. For restaurant its not. But first we need to see if you made any mistakes setting it up.

Here I’m showing - recipe, inventory item and product setting:

How can I use and create custom report?

Did you ever record a purchase for that item?

What kind of unit is 6p btw?

I wondered the same thing but thought that 6 might be a letter in that language. Is it Russian?

Hello, yes sorry…бр is short description for pcs in bulgarian.

Hi again and sorry for the spam. I decide to make screen shots for the whole process, so I hope that you will help me with my problem. Here it is:

Can you show the purchase document?

Fixed Cost in recipe means a non inventory related cost that should be added to recipe cost for each portion. For example if you have $1 labor cost for each portion and want to track that you can use that setting.

Default prices for purchase should be configured for inventory items.

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So, I have to leave fixed cost field empty and must use only default cost? Will this solve my problem?

Hi again. Emre I tried your way. Now everything is like I wanted to be. Thank you guys for the help. I have a lot more question to ask because the software is great and very meaningful.

Is there any way to do, something like a client that use special discounts. I can give you example with the owner. When the owner comes to the bar he drinks at the supplier price not the end user one. Is there any way to do that. I know that he can use discount button, but there will be a lot of different products with different discounts. It will be crazy if the bartender must remember all prices.

Thank you. Regards.

Search for VIP there is a long discussion on this.

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Thanks I’m going to check it right away :slight_smile: