Two work period in one day

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I have 2 staff one work from 11 am to 3 pm and the 2nd staff start at 3 pm until the end of the day.
I have created two users (one for morning staff and one for evening staff)

My Question is how can I close end work period while tickets are open at 3 pm.

I want Morning staff can close work period, no matter tickets are open or close at 3 pm.

I want evening staff can not close work period until all tickets are closed

You shouldn’t use work periods for this. Instead look up tracking multiple tills to users tutorial. Work periods can NOT be closed with open tickets this is by design and can’t be changed.

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If it is not possible. can we restrict users to settle ticket

I mean if morning user is opening a ticket he is the only one can settle the ticket (Except Admin).

Why do you want to do that? You would make customer wait?

Usually it is not busy around 3pm. there will not be too many customer

Because morning staff sales Lunch item (include Coffee). evening staff sales only dinner (some items are similar to lunch menu)

I want to track it as well. how much sales we are making in the morning and evening

You can do that with custom reports. Lots of examples of sales per hour or sales between specific times. Not good idea to have chance customer may have to wait just my opinion.

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