Un-license SambaPOS V5 PC?

is there a way to unlicense a PC:? i mean is there a way i can remotely unlicense a pc that has active internet connection? i hace seen a “clear key” option in the sambapos page, can anyone tell me what happens (in the remote PC) when i hit that option

Yes, but your question has no relation to this Topic, so I have split your question to a new Topic.

Nothing happens on remote PCs. The “clear key” does not go out and search for the Licensed PC, so whether or not your PC is connected to the Internet is irrelevant in this regard.

When you click “clear key”, the License is cleared for new use on the SambaPOS website only (ie. the SambaPOS.com database, not your database or PC). Basically, it unlinks the License from any specific PC - it makes the record empty, or “clear” for use.

After clearing the Key on the website, when you start up your SambaPOS program on your PC that previously used that License, it will be unregistered/deactivated.