Unable to add quantity for items

Is it true that after we close a ticket, but not settle it, though we can reopen the same ticket, and choose the submitted items,and we can use the + button to add quantity, but it will not be updated, if it’s so why is the + button enabled?

Because the + has more functions then just changing quantity. You use it in conjunction with Void and Move buttons as well. Eg to Void 1 of 3 items, or Move 2 of 4 to a new Table.

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You shouldn’t merge previous orders with new orders.

For example.

Customer ordered 2 coke.
30 minutes later he ordered 1 more coke and you increased coke to 3.
Other waiter needed to see his last order.
It is 1 coke but he sees 3 coke.

Generally people needs to do that to be able to print 3 coke instead of printing 2 separate orders on bills. To do that edit printer template and enable Merge Orders setting. It will merge them to 3 coke.

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