Unable to Backup

Hey @emre

I am trying desperately to backup our 1st site but we are getting this message:

The Backup FULL file stops at 327MB in the first minute or so then after 5+ minutes we get this error and the Backup (Unzipped) disappears.

Is there a limitation on the ZIP tool you use.
I am also concerned that we are only 8 months into a LIVE operation…
Thanks Paul.

EDIT: This file just sits there until we get the timeout:

Hey paul. I suggest for now at least to do a backup using ssms till this is sorted :slight_smile: just to be safe

@paul, what do you see in the log.txt ? The error message indicates to check the Inner Exception.

@paul, what do you see in the log.txt ? The error message indicates to check the Inner Exception.

You’re probably hitting SQL Command Timeout (60 seconds) so SambaExecution class retries (5 times) to complete the command. That happens before starting creating the zip file so it does not relates with zip file creation. When zip file building starts you’ll see a 0 size zip file on that folder. We’re using .net framework’s default zip file creation method. However if it was a zip file creation issue SambaPOS won’t retry as it works when a command timeout issue (or similar database connection related issues) occurs.

So SQL should complete creating bak file in 60 seconds. 300 MB bak file is a really small file so it should generate in a couple seconds. This is the exact SQL command we’re using to create the backup. You can try executing it manually on management studio to test how long does it take to execute the command.

BACKUP DATABASE [{database name}] TO DISK = N'{file path}' WITH FORMAT, NAME = N'{backup name}'

Thanks @emre, Q and Shivan.

Yes was hurting a bit onsite as never do anything unless we have good backups. Anyway I did do one on SSMS before importing my new “Skin Updates”.

Emre I think the problem was related to the 5.1.60 Licensing error as all Workstations came up with “Please Activate…” so I went through the process and presto! - the backup started to operate normally from Samba?

Food for thought.