Unable to import customers using sql

Thanks for everyone’s help, we finally managed to import using the Batch Create Entries. Here is how we did it incase if anyone else needs to know

  1. Create Customers custom fields as shown in Entities Fields.PNG

  2. Change the Primary Field Name to “Phone” as shown in Entities Defaults.PNG

  3. Go to Entities, click on Batch Create Entries

  4. Paste the following format

“0401234567”,“John Smith”,“1 Any Street”,“Any Town”,“1234”
“0401234569”,“Emma Smith”,“1 Long Road”,“Big City”,“2345”

  1. We managed to successfully over 5000 clients


  1. If you use Name as as a Primary Field Name, the system will crash if it finds duplicate names

  2. Make sure the inverted commas are " not “. Yes we have discovered even Notepad will use the incorrect inverted commas and that also can cause a crash.


Good you got it sorted.

Yes Entity Names must be unique, even across Entity Types. For example, you cannot have a Customer called 123 and a Table called 123. Using Phone is the best way, it’s also the necessary way when using integrations with Gloriafood etc.

Please note I have edited your posts to remove customer phone numbers and also removed your CSV uploads (those containing customer data). Please be aware this is a public forum and we must respect the privacy with third party customer data.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for confirming my theory.

BTW the numbers, addresses and suburbs have been changed. These phone numbers are fake, the names are fake, addresses are fake etc.

I just thought to have them as an example for anyone else that was having problems.


No worries, there was no way of knowing that as they looked real.