Unable to Print a Product in Both Kitchen and Drinks Printers?

i have a product group Promo and i want assign it to kitchen and Drinks printer template.
And Promo has three modifier Dessert Drinks and Lunch. Dessert and drinks Order Tag should print to Drinks printer and Lunch to kitchen printer.

i have set up this but when i order Promo product with these modifier nothing prints in the the drinks template.

i wonder why???

from this mapping i am able to print drinks order but not kithen order

can please someone assisst thanks!!!

Instead of putting them both in the same print job try making separate print jobs. You can still activate both print jobs in same rule.

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what does that mean
i clone the kitchen print job make it to drink print job then …?

Suggesting you separate your Kitchen Print Jobs from your Drink Print Jobs you can still use both in same Rule. Screenshot coming…

Remember you should make 2 Print Jobs 1 for your Drinks and 1 for Kitchen.

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ok thanks let me try

print bill is a button with no mapping?

If your talking about my Print Bill automation command. I just used it as an example. You would only need to update your rule that executes your Print Jobs… Dont need to make a new rule.

ya got it used where i had called the print job action on ticket closing rule.

Let us know if you get it to work or not.

ya i havnt chk with printer but on notepad its working but in any case will update

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thanks @Jesse its working now

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how can I print a separate ticket for items that are in a particular menu category?
example…hot drinks ticket and a sandwich ticket. but on the same printer. they are being handed to two different people

Define 2 Printer Templates and 2 Print Jobs.
Create a second Execute Print Job Action and set it to use the second Print Job and Template.
Alter your Print Job Rule to include both Print Job Actions.

To filter Products in your Printer Templates, read this Topic regarding [GROUP|PRODUCT TAG:X]

you may find screen shot by @Jesse here