Unable to save Work Period Report /ISR

Hello Team,

after our laptop was broken, we changed the hard drive into a new laptop. We reset the license key (“changed database”) already. Everything works, but when we go into “reports” and want to save the WPR or ISR, we click "save"and nothing happens.

Any advise?

It probably does not have permission to save to the location specified. Check your windows permissions.

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Hello Kendash,

thank you very much for your swift respond. Im not a pro, could you tell me where i can check that?

Any ideas to find a solution?

buy a USB stick and save to that. You dont need permissions to do it that way then IF your hard drive breaks again you will still have all the backups.


Do you mean no Folder/File dialog appears?

That is the 2nd time I’ve heard that reported this month.

What could cause this?

Hello QMcKay

yes that is the problem… no window open up.