Unable to settle bill

I’m new to Samba POS. I was able to settle a bill at first however now I only get the screen below when I press the Settle button.

If this problem was solved in a previously kindly post link to solution.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Add a payment type


I’ve created one like you suggested however still nothing on my payment screen. Can it be something with the mapping? I’ve checked the default cash, credit etc payment types and the mapping is empty.And should it not pickup the default installed payment types?

It should be like this

…also that might relates with incorrect foreign currency configuration.

Thank you Emre and Pizzaeilat4,

It turns out when I changed the foreign currency configuration everything went side ways. I’ve now changed it and everything is working perfectly!

@emre, big ups to you and your team. I’ve been searching for a POS systems that can meet my specific needs for ages.I’ve looked at open source and paid systems and what I’m able to do with SambaPOS is unmatched!

Thank you for the help and for this awesome open source product that is so sophisticated yet amazingly easy to work with.

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