Unregistered Trial issue (possible bug)

I am having a strange issue. I get the red warning of “Unregistered Trial” despite my several attempts to get it registered, I followed all steps, uninstalling , installing licence, clearing keys login log out , in different orders possibly all combinations. I cant get rid of it. But the issue goes beyond this, at least its strangeness. I dont know maybe my lack of knowledge.

Despite it is in trial mode, I can connect another terminal to the server and I dont get go and get register pop-ups (EDIT I DO GET REGISTER POP UPS," CLICK HERE TO ADD #### IN TICKET AND FORCE ME TO SEND AN EMAIL TO A DEALER). On the server message server visual indicator is green “Connected” and on the other terminal despite it is connected this indicator red “Message Server not Connected”.

I dont have an explanation but the whole story is as follows, I dont know whether the way I installed OS and other things caused it.

After my computers (server and terminal) gone bad, I installed a fresh Win10 and restored SambaPos from a back up on a single computer. As I did not have a spare terminal computer immediately, I run it for a week without SQL. Later I fixed the other computer and I cloned the server’s SSD to use on the terminal computer. I changed the computer’s name on Win10 but other than this it was an identical to server computer. (I did this to avoid to install all programs on the terminal computer like web browsers, mail etc)

Later I installed MSSQL server 2019 and set up terminal including printers.

As I said everything seems to me working in order, I can create tickets and print them from both computers, run reports etc all fine, both computers have same red “Unregistered Trial” warning but that’s it.

As I said installing and unistalling SambaPOS did not help but I think I could not manage to run as a fresh install despite I deleted SambaPOS5 folder as I needed to use my existing password not the default 1234 when the program was re-installed first time.

Did you log in to cp.sambapos.com and click on “Clear Keys” ?

Yes, I did. Several times

Few points,

The green connected message is message server, nothing to do with licence etc or even database, this is to keep other terminals notified of certain events etc.
Can be connected to db and be red there. In theory it could be connected to message server but not dB however samba wouldn’t load if that were the case.

Message server I best generally on machine hosting sql database.
Then other machines would be pointed to that one by hostname or ip.

I’d sugest sorting message server first although likely no impact of activation issue.

Regards activation, I would sugest this;
On each terminal log out samba market, uninstall licence module, restart samba.

Clear keys at cp.sambapos

Instal licence module on all machines and restart samba
Leave samba closed on all exc server

On server login samba market and activate licence.

On other terminals start samba, they should already show samba market user and active licence.

Thanks for your reply, I followed your advice and sorted message server but no luck with registration. I did everything but still same, unregistered trial. Very annoying!

Unregistered on all machines?

Yes, on all computers

You definatly have a licence on the account your are logging in to samba market with?

Hello @PizzaOlivia,

In case you provide Anydesk Remote Conenction Program Id to me via PM, I can check the situation out for you.

Yes it is the email address the paid account is linked

Thanks , I contacted the head office and I hope you will be able to connect it tomorrow.

I feel very stupid. I was logging in to cp.sambapos.com with google’s auto login to clear the keys and it was not the email my purchased licence is linked. Problem soved