Unselect products in split payment


When I need split a payment, How can I unselect a product if it was selected by error?
At this time, I need clear all the products selected clicking the X button and starting again but when I need select many products, this situation not is functional.
I don’t know if I need select an option or set any parameter.
I thinking that the option was make click the product many times until this return to unselect state, but not is it.



I don’t know if I don’t explain me but if anybody understand me. Please, give me one answer.

There is currently not a different way other than pressing the x button. This sounds like it may be useful maybe @emre can implement something for you. I think right clicking on them to unselect is reasonable.

Ok. Thanks @kendash :smile:
I think something about like: continue pressing the product until it return to unselect. Maybe @emre could analyse the option and implement.
Thanks for your support.