Untag order when aplying more than one combo

So if one orders 2 of a certain pizza there’s a discount, if one orders 3 there’s an additional discount.

On the three pizza combo, is there a way to remove the ‘Try Double 10"’ order tag and have the discount all on the ‘Try Triple 10"’ order tag?

I’ve tried using the Untag Order action to no avail.

Two pies:

Three pies:

Untag Order Action when applying the triple discount:

Are you automatically selecting all the orders (CMBO Promotion) before removing the tag?

Selecting orders does come first


If you add 2 CYOP 10-inch Small, then remove one, does the other item’s tag get removed automatically?

Is selecting working fine? It shouldn’t be the “||” operator instead “|”?

Selection working just fine

aaand that’s not working either. ffs

I got combos for everyone: by two pay twice the price why does every goddamned person want/need some sort of deal? They don’t go into the supermarket and say “hey I’m buying x amount of these, what kind of deal can you give me?” But they walk into a car repair place or a restaurant then suddenly I’m Monty Hall and door number one, two, or three.

I’m ready to punch babies

That’s a great idea for the next time they want a discount. Pick a door. One door has a discount. Another door, they have to pay regular price and the last door the customer pays more than the regular price. lol

Are you regenerating ticket after removal?

Unfortunately you can not mix two of these type promotions. I never got around to that. We need to work out a way to do that.

You would need logic that if the third is detected then when it selects orders it should untag the original tag. But the way this promo works is not that advanced. Its just auto selecting specific orders and doing something.

Initially everything seems to be working okay. Even with the extra order tags, the pricing is spot on.

THe orders are properly selected both in the apply combo and order cancelled rules. Other actions execute correctly on the selected orders just not Untag Order.

Enabling Free Tagging and Save Free Tags causes Untag Order to work.

I don’t know if it’s just my scenario but the KB doesn’t mention free tagging.


Not too difficult. If one is cancelling a triple combo, then a double still exists.




You’ve done everything, haven’t you? :grin: