Unussual behavior KD setup

Hello Guys.
Im currently setting up a fresh instalation of SambaPOS for my restaurant, and I just created KD setup. I needed to create 5 Display (Fryer, Grill, Bar, ColdPrep, Oven); first three where created with no problem.

So far, to this point all work great.
I then coppied, and modified Actions and Rules, for ColdPrep and Oven, but when I send an order, first time, seems ok. ![image|690x387] (upload://zOw7vPX8CawxBbhmta9MGJV5xWz.png) but if I want to add another product, previous added items go back to “not printed”, then print again.
Here are screen shots of configuration. ![image|690x387] (upload://9dbBUiD47GovGvxSM5CsGH2OAD0.png)
Would anyone be so kind to guide me? I´ve been struggling three days and I cant find my mistake, and been stressed out, and such a headache.
Thanks for reading and any reponse will be aprecciated.

If you open the ticket after closing it without adding new orders the orders remains in CPPrinted state?

Hi Francisco, thank you for responding. Yes, it keep CPPrinted state.

Even after adding item from another category
Yet, if I add another item from category ”Postres”, all of them go back, to CPNotprinted … any idea?

Enable rule debugger in Manage > Settings > Local settings > Display and click save.

A windows should appear showing the rules triggered.
Show the rules triggered when you add an order from Postres.

Ok. Here they are.

I expanded them, so that we could go through them. :slight_smile:

Do you believe it has something to do with sorting orders?

Lol… I guess this was my 3 day headache… turns out it was sorting orders…