Update Application Subtitle outside ticket screen


Update Application Subtitle has 2 options:

  1. Shell Header
  2. Ticket Title

Like the option name suggested Ticket Title will work inside ticket but Shell Header should be able to work outside ticket screen (no ticket opened).

I tried trigger it via File monitor but it doesn’t work, Samba hangs actually. Change the same rule to Automation Command Executed and it work.

I assume it only work inside ticket or I missing something.


Shell Header update does work outside of a Ticket, as it should, since it has nothing to do with Tickets.

You might need to “refresh” by Navigating somewhere.

For example, I have a button on NAV screen that prompts for new WiFi PW and when it completes the change, the Shell Header is updated to contain the new PW. I have a different DB loaded now, so cannot say for sure, but I might have put a Navigate Module Action set to NAV screen at the end of the flow to “refresh” the UI.

And/Or it might be that I monitor Application Screen Changed Event (no constraints on the screen) and do all Shell Header updates in that Rule.


Everything is actually work after restart computer today. I think File Monitor need Message Server restart.