Update Customer Name on Coupon Entity

I would like to update Customer Name on Coupon Entity but I don’t find the right tag.
I would like do the same thing as “coffee” in “menu item name” in coupons entity custom field but in my exemple it would be “NAME” in “client name” in coupons entity custom field.

So when we select a client, his name appears on ticket, but how to update his name on coupons entity in a custom field? What is the right tag?
Exemple : To update “coffee” in menu item name, VALUE={ORDER STATE:COUPON PRODUCT}
I tried many of tag but no ones works and so “name” custom field on coupons entity is always empty.

Did you tried {ENTITY NAME:Customer}?

“Customer” is the entity name of the entity type.

The reason we store product name as order state is we can use single “Coupon” product for all promotion products. You don’t need to store customer names on order lines. You can just read it from ticket.

Thanks for your answer; no I didn’t try this tag but I will.
The intention is to display the customer name on the coupon so when I print coupon with “print entity job” I need to refer to this data.
For exemple (it’s not my case but it should be) : a client buy 100 coffee and offer these coffee to people. On the coupon it should be great to be able to display the mention : “This coffee is offered by {CLIENTNAME}”
So when client buy coffee, I would like to update a custom field as “customer name” (or other) on entity coupon and when I print coupons, this “customer name” appears on coupons.

Or is there another way?

Yes I agree that will be great.

Try using {ENTITY NAME:Customer} Tag. If it does not help we can try other solutions.

That works perfectly. Thanks
{ENTITY NAME:Client} is the right tag in my case.
So I update Client Name in a custom field (which is called “Client Name” on coupon entity when it is created.
Then, on coupon template I add ;
This coffee is offered by {ENTITY DATA:Client Name}

And when I print coupon, it display this message on coupon “This coffee is offered by M.KINDLY”
And I also can print now (since 1.8 release) the expiration date “This coupon is valid until 30 January”

This feature should work for a lot of case.
In my case I use all of these action and rules to manage a cloackroom.
Instead “Coupon”, it’s “Hanger”
And so, I update client name on Hanger entity.
Hanger entity name is its number that I give to each Hanger with {ORDERNUMBER} tag.
So when a client put his clothes in the cloakroom, we give him a ticket with a number and update his name on the entity.
So if unfortunately he has lost his ticket we can find his number with “entity search”. We enter his name in “hanger search” and the hanger with his name appear.

It’s fabulous to manage a cloackroom in a night club for exemple.

Many thanks

New question about update entity data,
In CLIENT ENTITY, I have custom field as “FIDELITY CARD NUMBER”.
How to update this data to a COUPON ENTITY for exemple?
Now I am able to update ENTITY NAME:CUSTOMER but I can’t update this custom field (FIDELITY CARD NUMBER).
I tried this value {ENTITY DATA:FIDELITY CARD NUMBER} but it doesn’t work
Have you an idea or maybe it’s not directly possible?