Update Entity Data Primary Field

Im trying to use the Update Entity Action to alter the Primary Field on an Entity is this possible as its not working at the moment.



No it’s not possible. You can only update custom data.

No Problems so is there away I can trigger the Edit Entity screen automatically when you scan a card.

Perhaps if you elaborate what your trying to do it might be possible for a better route to same end goal.

Im trying to reuse loyalty cards as we are a holiday park the cards are only issued for the duration of there stay. The primary field is used as the card number.
If the card has been used before when it is scanned it goes straight into a new ticket and skipping the edit screen. I have an automation command that recycles the card by clearing all the entity data but this does not clear the primary field which is the card number. So when the card is then scanned for reuse the system still detects it as a previously used card and auto starts a new ticket.
Even if I could have the primary field as an auto generated number this would solve my problem.
Hope that makes sense.


Use [?prompt] fuction on a split flow based on either this fields being empty on swipe to add an active/inactive field or similar
Lease primary field set as card number and add a flow to reupdate the reused cards.
I would use the prompt for new and recycled cards personally, you can then have finite control over which fields are requested and you then can automatically update perhaps a date field for created and active/inactive field pragmaticly as part of the initilisation of the cards etc.
Have a look at my rooms and entities solution. It doesn’t use edit entity screen at all. It’s all done using prompts.