Update Order Group not working since update


Think this has been mentioned but cant find the topic.
Just noticed since updating my course grouping has stopped working.

On live system on old 5.1.58 it works fine;


Not sure what version it changed but on 5.2.18 it doesnt group;

Notice there is a new field in the action for ‘Reset Key’ which isnt used on either install…


Any suggestions?


Hmm, in trying to work out seems like i have broken grouping for new orders :frowning:


So is it working now?


This is what i currently have;





Am testing to work out the issue now.


Hmmmm, recreated basics on fresh DB and still not working…
However get an odd space above the orders like it is grouped but not displaying…


Did you do something to that order state visibility?


Did you not set a key? It’s blank in your screenshot.


FFS, missed the second F from the colour!


But now get all as a single group…



You have no group key set.


FFS, am rushing… ORDER missed E!


OK, so works as expected in fresh DB;



So… whats wrong on main DB…





Checking rule debugger shows that the order state updated action isnt fireing on new orders added… :-/


But is i use the 'change course option which updates order course state it does work…


Disabled the update discount automation commands to check if they were interfearing but no change;


@kandash any ideas? Am struggling for ideas on where to start!


From screen and debugger can see the rule to set the Kitchen Course state is firing…


Have unmapped/disabled with 1==2 all rules/actions not related to the course state to try and make like fresh DB but still no luck :-/